03. Nov '21 - 11. Sep 2022

BioMedia (BioMimetic Media)
ZKM | Karlsruhe (DE)
Speculative AI / Exp.#2 (conversation)

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As a continuation of the exhibitions Exo-Evolution (2015–2016), Open Codes (2017–2019), and Critical Zones (2020–2021), the research and practice-oriented exhibition BioMedia (BioMimetic Media) explores current developments in biogenetic, algorithmic, and AI-based art, in robotics, quantum information science, and the life sciences, which engage with computer-simulated organisms, artificial life, and artificial intelligence. Conceived by Peter Weibel as a further participative learning laboratory, he curates the exhibition together with Anett Holzheid, Daria Mille, and Sarah Donderer.

BioMedia will examine the artificial media systems and machines created by humans which exhibit viable behavior. After the wheel-based motion machines of the nineteenth century such as railways, automobiles, and bicycles, and the twentieth century’s motion machines like film, television, and video, art’s emphasis in the twenty-first century will be on BioMedia. The exhibition will show what answers artists, scientists, and philosophers, using technical and anorganic tools, give to questions about the future of organic, biological life.